Short Walk At Sentosa

I happened to be at Sentosa and took the opportunity to hunt. I didn’t have the plan to go there, it was a decision by my mom. I was only told that we were going to Sentosa when I got into the car after work and immediately pokemon hunting came into my mind.

The impromptu decision to go there was because my mom had meal vouchers to be used there which were expiring in a few days.

After I was out of the carpark at Sentosa, I went into the game and the hunt started with my first new pokemon catch, Grimer.


It was mid afternoon when we got there and decided to go for coffee first. Just before going for the coffee, I caught another new pokemon, Bidoof. I’ve actually seen this pokemon a few times but failed to catch it, so finally I’ve caught it.


After having coffee, we went to check out the few restaurants where the vouchers could be used. There were no new pokemons as I was walking around to the restaurants but an egg hatched.


In that egg came a new pokemon, Phanpy.


After deciding where we wanted to eat and get the vouchers used, we went for a short walk. This was when I started looking at my nearby window and specially went to pokestops where there are new pokemons.

At the first pokestop I specially went to, I caught a Seedot.


I had a few field researches ready to claim rewards and from one of it, I caught an Azumarill.


At another pokestop, I caught a Piplup.


By then, I was feeling so hot to the point I couldn’t withstand anymore. While I was going around to the pokestops to hunt, my mom had been sitting at a bench. Just as I was going to find her, a new pokemon, Carvanha, spawned and I caught it.


As we went to quench our thirst, we decided to have dinner as well and get the vouchers used. I did go into the game a few times while I was eating but there were no new pokemons and that was all the PokemonGo adventures at Sentosa that day.

A few days later after that day at Sentosa, I went somewhere else to hunt and that means there’s more PokemonGo Adventures coming up!

More Hunting At Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By The Bay

At the end of last month which is just last week, I went back to Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay for more PokemonGo Adventures. Since I was there at the beginning of last month, I wasn’t expecting to even catch anything but to my surprise, the Pokemons that spawned this time were completely different from the previous time and I managed to catch a few new ones.

The previous time I started my hunt at Marina Bay Sands but this time I only went into the game when I was at Gardens By The Bay. A little into my walk, I caught my first new Pokemon of the day which is a Volbeat.

Then I caught a Lotad.

As I’m hunting for Pokemons, I’m also admiring the beauty of Gardens by the Bay and while I hunt and admire, I’m actually looking for the fast food restaurant that I wanted to have my late lunch at.

After lunch, I only caught one new Pokemon at Gardens By The Bay before going to Marina Bay Sands and that Pokemon is a Spoink.

At Marina Bay Sands, an egg hatched.

An Aron came out from the egg.

I only caught one new Pokemon at Marina Bay Sands, Luvdisc, and that was the last Pokemon I caught that day before going home.

The next day, I randomly decided to go into PokemonGo while I was at a cafe reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. A new Pokemon, Slakoth, spawned and I caught it.

I’ve not played the game since that day but as always, I’ll definitely go back into it after some time and I actually already have plans for my next hunt at somewhere different. So there will definitely be more PokemonGo Adventures!

Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By The Bay

At the beginning of this month, I went on an extremely long walk and hunt at Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay after about a week away from PokemonGo. I started my walk a distance away from Marina Bay Sands but there was no pokestops at the area I was walking towards Marina Bay Sands.

Just as I’m entering Marina Bay Sands, I caught my first Pokemon which was a Minun.

I walked many rounds around Marina Bay Sands, going in and out of the mall and up at the rooftop. I wanted to go to Gardens By The Bay but I couldn’t figure out how to get there which was why I walked many rounds around Marina Bay Sands. During that many rounds trying to find out how to get to Gardens By The Bay, I caught a Pokemon and hatched an egg. The Pokemon caught was Barboach.

In the egg that hatched was a Gligar.

Finally I was at Gardens By The Bay and a little into my walk there, I caught a Lileep.

After some walking at Gardens By The Bay, I had lunch there before continuing to walk more but I didn’t manage to catch anything else.

I walked back to Marina Bay Sands wanting to stop and head home but when I saw that there were two eggs almost hatching, I went to walk a few rounds around Marina Bay Sands to get the eggs to hatch.

A Chansey hatched from the first egg.

A Smoochum was in the second egg.

Later that night, I went into the game to evolve a Pokemon. Throughout my walk at Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay, I had been catching Gulpins to evolve it into a Swalot.

After that day, I’ve not played PokemonGo but I do have plans to go for more hunts and walks soon. So there will definitely be more PokemonGo Adventures coming!

Hunting More New Pokemons

I was out for breakfast with my mom that day when I decided to hunt for more new Pokemons. It was my second hunt of this year. We had finished our breakfast and my mom had left for work when I started my hunt at the vicinity of the mall nearest to my house.

At the start of my hunt, I caught a Gulpin.

As I continued walking towards the mall, I caught a Swablu.

I went to walk around the outside of the mall and I caught a Spheal.

Then I went to the train station opposite the mall and to the park behind the train station. While on the way to the park, an egg hatched.

In that egg was a Swinub.

Besides having an egg hatched, I caught a Mudkip.

At the park, I caught two Pokemons. First I caught a Masquerain.

Then I caught a Surskit which was the last Pokemon I caught that day.

The next day, I was at the same mall and it’s vicinity again and decided to hunt more. I caught a Ralts.

Then I caught a Pineco.

Next Pokemon caught was Makuhita.

The last new Pokemon I caught that day was Numel.

After the two consecutive days of hunting around the mall nearest to my house, I didn’t play for about a week before going on an extremely long walk at somewhere different. I’ve been there before but it was my first time playing PokemonGo there. More on that hunt at a different place in my next PokemonGo Adventures post!

First Hunt Of The Year

Mid last month, I went on my first Pokemon hunt of the year after being away from the game for months. I was at Sentosa with my mom that evening when I decided to return to the game after hearing from my friend earlier in the day that there are many new updates and new Pokemons.

I didn’t go on a long walk like I did the previous few times I hunted at Sentosa but since there are many new Pokemons, I did catch many Pokemons on the short walk. At the start of my walk, I caught a Wurmple.

Then I caught a Loudred.

Next Pokemon I caught was a Persian.

Then I caught a Zigzagoon.

I’ve caught quite a few Pokemons and I’m still at the start of my walk but there are three more Pokemons from that area. One of them is Aron.

Skitty was the next Pokemon I caught.

The last Pokemon caught from the area where I started my walk is Wailmer. Although I was at the upper level of the two level area, it’s still considered the same area because I was just directly above where I caught the previous Pokemons from the bottom level.

As I continued walking to an area not far from the two level area, I caught a Whismur.

Then I caught a Taillow.

Next I caught an Anorith.

The last Pokemon I caught that day was Castform.

As mentioned above, I only went for a short walk which was indeed very short. I wasn’t feeling the mood for a long walk that day but with so many new Pokemons added into the game, it was a productive hunt. I caught so many within a short distance.

After this first hunt of the year, I did go on a few more hunts at other places where I had longer walks so that means more PokemonGo Adventures posts are coming!

Park Hunt

As mentioned in my previous PokemonGo Adventures post, I planned to go for another productive hunt before the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event ended in the beginning of November. My plans did go on and I went to a park where I found out had a few new Pokemons and other Pokemons I need for candies to evolve.

I had a productive Pokemon hunting day at the end of last month when the Halloween event just started and I went to a library that day as mentioned in the same previous post. While I was at the library, I saw from the Nearby window about the Pokemons spawning at the park opposite. I didn’t go to the park that day, so I decided to go there for this other productive hunt that I had planned.

As mentioned before, the library is within walking distance from my house so I usually walk there and start hunting while on the way. Since the park is opposite the library, that means it’s also within walking distance from my house. So I walked there and started hunting while on the way as well.

Although I already had the game opened while on the way, I didn’t get to catch anything until I was at the park. Just as I stepped into the park, I caught a Shuckle.

Then I caught the Halloween Pikachu.

I thought there were lots to catch at the park but throughout my walk in the park, there was nothing else that’s new or any Pokemon I need. It was my first time at the park, so I was unfamiliar with the directions but following the signboards, I ended up opposite a housing block at an exit of the park where I caught a Houndoom.

I wanted to go to the KFC that’s opposite the park for lunch and have a break but it turned out to be closed because of renovations. I was already perspiring and panting from all the walking at the park to think of somewhere else to have my lunch and even walk there, so I went back to the park where there’s a McDonald’s very close to where I was.

Although I had finished eating, I stayed at McDonald’s for awhile more to recover from perspiring and panting before continuing to hunt more at the park. Just as I exited McDonald’s, an egg hatched.

A Larvitar hatched from the egg.

As I continued walking around the park, another egg hatched.

A female Nidoran hatched from the egg.

As I was clearing my Pokemon storage because it was full, I found out I had enough female Nidoran candies to evolve.

So of course I evolved it into a Nidorina and that marks the end of my productive hunt. I continued to have the game opened as I continued walking around the park, finding my way out of the park and while walking home but I didn’t catch anything new or get enough other Pokemons for candies to evolve.

I have a few other Pokemons that were very close to having enough candies to evolve. Throughout this month after the Halloween event, I’ve been occasionally playing but so far I haven’t manage to get enough candies for the few Pokemons that are close to evolving.

Evolving & Halloween Event

I recently returned to PokemonGo, slightly after mid October. So I was out that afternoon and as I was having lunch, I thought of playing PokemonGo and see if there’s any new Pokemon since I was at a place that I’ve never hunted before. That place turned out to be very lousy place, it was full of rattatas! Although I didn’t get to catch any new Pokemons, I did catch a few others that have been caught before for candies to evolve.

When I was back home that night, I looked through my catches and evolve a few that had enough candies to be evolved.

First was Poliwrath which I did a 2 step evolving process. I evolved a Poliwag into Poliwhirl then evolved the Poliwhirl into Poliwrath. All I’ve been catching were Poliwags so I only have 1 Poliwhirl which was the first one I caught and I didn’t want to evolve it.

The next Pokemon I evolved was Horsea into a Seadra.

The last Pokemon which had enough candies to be evolved was Ekans into Arbok.

As always, whenever I return to a game, I don’t just play it for a day. It will always be at least a few days before I stop again. So the next morning I caught a new Pokemon, Duskull, while I was having breakfast with mom at a coffeeshop opposite my block. This day was the start of the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event and together with this event, there were a few new Ghost type Pokemons added. Duskull is one of the few.

I took a break from playing the next day although I did go out. I did lots of shopping that day and was probably too busy hustling around getting the things needed to think about catching Pokemons. I continued my hunt for the few new Ghost Pokemons the following day when I was out with my mom. While waiting for her to buy our lunch, I caught a Shuppet. That was all I played that day because we were hustling around after lunch, busy shopping for more things.

The next day was the most productive Pokemon hunting day with lots of walking involved. I wanted to go to the library and since it’s within walking distance from my house, I decided to walk there and play PokemonGo while on the way. Halfway through my walk, an egg hatched.

In the egg was an Exeggcute.

Not many Pokemon spawned on the way but I did catch enough Gastly for candies to evolve it into a Haunter.

There’s a cafe at the library and I stayed there for around 2 hours to have my lunch, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and read. I did go into the game while I was there but no Pokemons spawned. I continued the hunt while walking to the mall at the vicinity where I needed to buy necessities and dinner. During that walk, I caught one of the few new Ghost Pokemons, Sableye.

I was very close to catching enough Duskulls and Shuppets for candies to evolve them. So although I had already reached the mall, I went pass the mall to a bus stop opposite where I saw had Shuppets from the Nearby window. My phone’s battery was getting low at that time, so I couldn’t hunt anymore. Although I didn’t hunt enough Duskulls, at least I had enough Shuppet candy.

I just mentioned that I didn’t hunt enough Duskull but luck was on my side, a Duskull spawned later in the night when I was back home and wanted to evolve the Shuppet. With that Duskull that I caught at home, I had enough candies to evolve it into Dusclops.

Of course I evolved the Shuppet into a Banette which was my purpose for going into the game that night.

I’ve not played since that day which has been a few days but I’m thinking of going for another productive hunt soon before the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event ends at the beginning of November.

August Adventures

After almost 2 months of not playing, I went back into the game at the end of August. I like going to a cafe at the mall nearest to my house for an afternoon coffee and sit there for about 2 hours sipping the coffee while reading a book. That day, I was doing these usual cafe things but somehow I didn’t felt the mood to read anymore after reading for awhile. I hadn’t finish my coffee so I couldn’t leave yet. I was thinking of what else to do after scrolling through all the social medias on my phone and that’s when PokemonGo came to my mind.

I just tried my luck to see if there’s anything new and there was nothing but I did catch other Pokemons that I’ve caught before to get candies to evolve such as this Chikorita with my coffee and book in the background.

I did reap something from catching Pokemons while sitting at the cafe because I caught enough Goldeen to evolve.

A Goldeen got evolved into a Seaking.

A few days later, I was back at the same mall where the cafe is located but this time I walked around the mall and it’s vicinity instead of sitting down at a spot.

At the mall’s vicinity, I caught a Chinchou.

After walking around the vicinity, I went back to the mall and caught an Onix.

On the Nearby window, I saw there was a new Pokemon at the train station which is linked to the mall and I went there. At the train station, I caught a Qwilfish.

I went back to that same mall again the next day and contemplated on playing since I had already went hunting the previous day. I ended up playing and even though I did hunt the previous day, there was still more new Pokemons.

Since it was raining the previous day, I couldn’t go to an area at the vicnity of the mall that wasn’t sheltered so I went there on this day and caught a Magcargo.

As I’ve already hunted at the sheltered areas the previous day, I only walked around the small unsheltered area and went back to the mall. That was where there’s still new Pokemon despite already hunted there the previous day. At the mall, I caught an Octillery.

Something I’ve learnt from this is although it’s the same place, there may be some different Pokemons spawning everyday.

The few days of walking and hunting made an egg hatched.

In that egg is an Ekans.

I’ve not played since the end of August but there will definitely be more PokemonGo Adventures coming up. As mentioned before, I always have the thought to play whenever I’m out. Sometimes I end up not playing but there will definitely be a few times that I will play!

June Adventures

After not playing for half a month in the beginning of June, I went back into the game in mid June when I was in Bangkok, Thailand. I always play when I’m overseas in hopes of getting new Pokemon since it’s once in a blue moon that I get to visit these places. With limited internet access since I don’t buy overseas data and only try to find free wifi everywhere I go, I can’t be hunting on the go. I still managed to catch a few new Pokemons despite this which happened at the cafe while I was having an afternoon coffee on one of the days.

It’s a coincidence that the Pokemons that spawned at that time were those I’ve not caught before so I caught 3 new ones in a row! First is Cyndaquil.

Second is Seel.

Last is Growlithe.

That was all I caught while in Bangkok, all at that cafe. I did go into the game at other places where I had wifi but there was nothing new.

The day after returning home from Bangkok, I went out in the evening to Sentosa for a walk and Pokemon hunting. It’s my second time hunting at Sentosa. Since my first time was months ago, so there were new Pokemons to catch with all the new updates.

Sentosa is infested with Voltorb which is still the same as the previous time I was there. Since there’s so much Voltorbs, I decided to catch it and hopefully get enough to evolve.

For the new Pokemons, I caught 5. First is Machop.

Second is Skiploom.

Third is Snubbull.

Followed by a Parasect.

The last one is a Mankey.

After about an hour of hunting, I stopped by a fast food restaurant for a break before walking back to where I started and while I was on the way back, an egg hatched.

In the egg is an Oddish.

My Voltorb catching continues into the night and while walking back.

I went to Sentosa with my mom and back at my starting point, I was waiting for her to have dinner together. While waiting, I checked if I’ve enough Voltorbs to evolve and I do have enough.

So there goes an Electrode into my Pokedex.

My adventures in June doesn’t end here. I was hunting a few days later when I was out with mom at a shopping mall but mostly were Pokemons I already have and I only caught 1 new Pokemon, Misdreavus.

Two days later I was out running errands at a mall and since it’s somewhere I don’t go often, I decided to hunt. Unfortunately, it was raining and I couldn’t go far but a Jynx spawned at the entrance of the mall I was at.

I could only walk a short distance away from the mall where there’s shelter and despite that, an egg hatched. That egg was most likely going to hatch already because I only walked a little bit!

A Paras hatched from that egg.

Within that short distance of walking, I caught an Aipom which marks the end of my hunt that day.

Although I always think of this game and think of Pokemon hunting whenever I’m out, I’ve not played since that day in end June which has been more than a month. So there will be more PokemonGo Adventures when I finally go back into the game!

May Adventures

After not playing for more than a month since March, I went into the game one day towards the end of May. I was out with mom that day at a mall on the west side of the country, far from where we live, and decided to try my luck for any new Pokemon since it’s a place far from my home that I don’t go often. However, I only managed to catch one new Pokemon, Koffing.

Getting back into the game doesn’t just last one day. I will definitely be addicted for awhile, so a few days later I went Pokemon hunting at the town centre of the town I live in. I started my hunt at the mall there after lunch. I caught two new Pokemons at the beginning of the hunt, Larvitar and Kabutops.

I was heading to the library and while on the way there an egg hatched.

Inside the egg is an Exeggcute.

Then I caught two more new Pokemons, Rhyhorn and Omanyte.

After a break at the library cafe for a cold drink and reading in the hot weather, I continued Pokemon hunting while walking home. The library is quite close to my house so it’s already about half the journey home from the mall. I didn’t catch any new Pokemons while walking home but three eggs hatched! The first egg is a purple egg.

An Eevee hatched from the egg.

The next two eggs are orange eggs.

In those two eggs are Pinsir and Rhyhorn which I just caught earlier in the day.

Since it was already the end of May, my addiction continued into June. With an overseas trip in June, it means more PokemonGo Adventures coming up because I definitely did play when I was overseas!

March Adventures

After all the addiction from beginning to mid February in Bangkok and the new Pokemon update, I didn’t play till the beginning of March. The PokemonGo thought came into my mind one night and I was back into the game. I was playing at home that night and caught a new Pokemon, Ledian.

Two days later, it was a weekend and I went out with mom after work. We went for coffee and I caught a new Pokemon, Yanma, at the cafe.

The addiction came back and another two days later on my off day, I went for breakfast at the Mcdonald’s nearest to my house. I sat at Mcdonald’s for quite awhile and after that, I went Pokemon hunting around it’s vicinity. I caught a Pikachu although I’ve already caught before because this had the special party hat.

I did catch a new Pokemon, Doduo.

A few days later on a weekend, I went to a library cafe for coffee and reading after work. While I was there, I caught two new Pokemons. Ariados was one of them.

Scyther was the other new Pokemon I caught.

That day I caught enough to evolve two Pokemons. First was Geodude into Graveler.

The other Pokemon I caught enough to evolve was Pidgeotto which evolved to a Pidgeot.

Since that day in March, I didn’t play the game at all until a few days ago. So definitely there will be more PokemonGo Adventures coming!