The Park And It’s Vicinity

Just like in May, I went hunting and played the game on only two days last month. Both days involved a park.

On the first day, I decided to go on a long walk from my house to the park but only at the park were there new Pokemons.

Since my game was kept opened on the way to the park, an egg hatched when I stepped into the park.


Out came a Pineco from the egg.


I decided to have lunch at the McDonald’s further down inside the park and while walking there, a Nosepass spawned, but it fled after several failed tries to catch it.

I still managed to catch it later because it spawned again while I was sitting in McDonald’s enjoying my meal.


There is a pokestop at McDonald’s and since a lure module was activated, I kept the game opened. With that, another new Pokemon spawned and I caught a Lairon.


After lunch, I went out off the park and to the mall. On the way to the mall, I caught another new Pokemon, Aerodactyl, which was my last catch of the day.


A week later, I went to the park again but I didn’t plan to actually go there.

I was having lunch at the KFC opposite the park when I decided to go Pokemon hunting. From the nearby window, I saw there were several new Pokemons at the park.

Since it’s only opposite, I decided to go there after I was done with my lunch and I caught two new Pokemons, Baltoy and Zangoose.



There was one more new Pokemon but it started to drizzle as I was catching the second new Pokemon, so I decided not to continue the park hunt.

I quickly went back to the opposite side where I could seek shelter. With the game still opened, I walked around until I was at the mall and an egg hatched with a Pichu.


I caught a new Pokemon, Cherrim, as well and that was the end of my gameplay for that day and for the month of June.


Although I’ve not played after that day, I believe very soon I’ll be back to it with more PokemonGo Adventures.

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