Beginning Of May

On two days at the beginning of May, I was at the mall nearest to my house when I decided to go Pokemon hunting. Those were the only two days I played the game in May before stopping for a month.

I started my hunt at the mall since I was there when I decided to go hunting. I’m always on the lookout for new Pokemons through the nearby window and as I walked further away from the mall, I saw a new Pokemon near that spot on the nearby window.

I went for it although I was getting even further from the mall until it doesn’t feel I’m at the vicinity of the mall anymore. The walk to that place with the new Pokemon and back to the mall was long, which is why I felt bummed that I only managed to catch one Pokemon that day.

The only Pokemon was Poochyena.


A few days later I decided to hunt again, going to a different side from the mall. It was another long walk, getting further from the mall until it doesn’t feel I’m at the vicinity anymore but this time I managed to catch more new Pokemons.

The first Pokemon I caught that day was Beldum which I was aiming for through the nearby window.


Then I caught an Electrike and Starly as I continued walking around that area.


There were other new pokemons nearby that spot but since it was even further from the mall, I decided not to go.

On the way back to the mall, I kept the game opened to get an egg hatched. It hatched when I was back at the mall.


Out came a Cacnea from the egg.


The egg hatching marked the end of my gameplay that day and for the month of May.

After a month of not playing, I have returned to the game towards the middle of this month, so that means more PokemonGo Adventures are coming!

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