Short Walk At Sentosa

I happened to be at Sentosa and took the opportunity to hunt. I didn’t have the plan to go there, it was a decision by my mom. I was only told that we were going to Sentosa when I got into the car after work and immediately pokemon hunting came into my mind.

The impromptu decision to go there was because my mom had meal vouchers to be used there which were expiring in a few days.

After I was out of the carpark at Sentosa, I went into the game and the hunt started with my first new pokemon catch, Grimer.


It was mid afternoon when we got there and decided to go for coffee first. Just before going for the coffee, I caught another new pokemon, Bidoof. I’ve actually seen this pokemon a few times but failed to catch it, so finally I’ve caught it.


After having coffee, we went to check out the few restaurants where the vouchers could be used. There were no new pokemons as I was walking around to the restaurants but an egg hatched.


In that egg came a new pokemon, Phanpy.


After deciding where we wanted to eat and get the vouchers used, we went for a short walk. This was when I started looking at my nearby window and specially went to pokestops where there are new pokemons.

At the first pokestop I specially went to, I caught a Seedot.


I had a few field researches ready to claim rewards and from one of it, I caught an Azumarill.


At another pokestop, I caught a Piplup.


By then, I was feeling so hot to the point I couldn’t withstand anymore. While I was going around to the pokestops to hunt, my mom had been sitting at a bench. Just as I was going to find her, a new pokemon, Carvanha, spawned and I caught it.


As we went to quench our thirst, we decided to have dinner as well and get the vouchers used. I did go into the game a few times while I was eating but there were no new pokemons and that was all the PokemonGo adventures at Sentosa that day.

A few days later after that day at Sentosa, I went somewhere else to hunt and that means there’s more PokemonGo Adventures coming up!

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