It Changes Everyday

I went hunting at the vicinity of my workplace again the next two days. On the first of the two days, I went to the same pokestops as the previous day but with an additional pokestop that’s across the road from the two that’s next to each other.

From those three pokestops, I caught two new pokemons. First I caught a Whiscash.


Then I caught a Plusle.


My last catch of the day was Roselia which was caught when I was walking back to the vicinity of my workplace from the three pokestops.


I only got to hunt at the vicinity of my workplace the next day since it was raining. There was nothing new around that area based on my nearby window, so I wasn’t expecting to catch anything. My game was kept on only to hatch an egg.


The egg brought surprises with a new pokemon, Wingull.


After the egg surprise, there was another surprise with a new pokemon, Meditite, spawning and I managed to catch it.


From the three days of hunting at the same places and randomly going into the game at home, I realised the pokemons that spawn changes everyday. The new pokemons that I caught on the night I returned to the game doesn’t appear anymore the next night and there always seems to be new pokemons at those same few pokestops I hunted at.

I’ve stopped hunting at those areas around my workplace after that three days but I’m still hooked to the game. I will go into the game and check for any new pokemons whenever I’m out, so that means more PokemonGo Adventures are coming!

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