Back After One Year

I thought about returning to PokemonGo at the beginning of this month but it wasn’t until a night just a few days ago that I downloaded it, making a return to the game after a year.

I definitely played it straight after downloading and saw there are so many new pokemons in the pokedex, with even a new category. Right then, sitting in my bed, I caught 2 new pokemons.

I caught a Mareep.


The other new pokemon I caught that night was Buneary.


I thought of going out earlier to hunt the next morning before work but I couldn’t get up, so I went hunting at the vicinity of my workplace after work instead. Although it was a short walk around, I caught so many pokemons that have not been registered in my pokedex.

At the start of my walk, I caught a Buizel.


I was looking a the nearby window and decided to go to a pokestop with a new pokemon that wasn’t too far from where I was. Next to that pokestop, there’s another pokestop with new pokemons which were also showing up on my nearby window, so I caught quite a few pokemons around that area.

I caught a Chimchar.


As I walked round that area, I caught a Sudowoodo.


Next I caught Kricketot.


The last pokemon I caught there was Shroomish.


On the walk back to the vicinity of my workplace, I didn’t catch anything but I had an egg almost hatching, so I left the game open while I walked till the egg hatched.


Ekans hatched from the egg.


I still had the game on when I was on the way home at the vicinity of my block and I caught a Turtwig.


I randomly went in and out of the game throughout the rest of the day. Later at night, while sitting in my room, I caught 2 new pokemons.

I caught a Torchic.


Then a little later, I caught a Stantler, which was a last pokemon for the day.


With the return, I’ve gotten myself hooked to the game which explains why I randomly go in and out of it while I’m at home. That also means there will be more PokemonGo Adventures coming!

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