More Hunting At Marina Bay Sands & Gardens By The Bay

At the end of last month which is just last week, I went back to Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay for more PokemonGo Adventures. Since I was there at the beginning of last month, I wasn’t expecting to even catch anything but to my surprise, the Pokemons that spawned this time were completely different from the previous time and I managed to catch a few new ones.

The previous time I started my hunt at Marina Bay Sands but this time I only went into the game when I was at Gardens By The Bay. A little into my walk, I caught my first new Pokemon of the day which is a Volbeat.

Then I caught a Lotad.

As I’m hunting for Pokemons, I’m also admiring the beauty of Gardens by the Bay and while I hunt and admire, I’m actually looking for the fast food restaurant that I wanted to have my late lunch at.

After lunch, I only caught one new Pokemon at Gardens By The Bay before going to Marina Bay Sands and that Pokemon is a Spoink.

At Marina Bay Sands, an egg hatched.

An Aron came out from the egg.

I only caught one new Pokemon at Marina Bay Sands, Luvdisc, and that was the last Pokemon I caught that day before going home.

The next day, I randomly decided to go into PokemonGo while I was at a cafe reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. A new Pokemon, Slakoth, spawned and I caught it.

I’ve not played the game since that day but as always, I’ll definitely go back into it after some time and I actually already have plans for my next hunt at somewhere different. So there will definitely be more PokemonGo Adventures!

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