Hunting More New Pokemons

I was out for breakfast with my mom that day when I decided to hunt for more new Pokemons. It was my second hunt of this year. We had finished our breakfast and my mom had left for work when I started my hunt at the vicinity of the mall nearest to my house.

At the start of my hunt, I caught a Gulpin.

As I continued walking towards the mall, I caught a Swablu.

I went to walk around the outside of the mall and I caught a Spheal.

Then I went to the train station opposite the mall and to the park behind the train station. While on the way to the park, an egg hatched.

In that egg was a Swinub.

Besides having an egg hatched, I caught a Mudkip.

At the park, I caught two Pokemons. First I caught a Masquerain.

Then I caught a Surskit which was the last Pokemon I caught that day.

The next day, I was at the same mall and it’s vicinity again and decided to hunt more. I caught a Ralts.

Then I caught a Pineco.

Next Pokemon caught was Makuhita.

The last new Pokemon I caught that day was Numel.

After the two consecutive days of hunting around the mall nearest to my house, I didn’t play for about a week before going on an extremely long walk at somewhere different. I’ve been there before but it was my first time playing PokemonGo there. More on that hunt at a different place in my next PokemonGo Adventures post!

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