First Hunt Of The Year

Mid last month, I went on my first Pokemon hunt of the year after being away from the game for months. I was at Sentosa with my mom that evening when I decided to return to the game after hearing from my friend earlier in the day that there are many new updates and new Pokemons.

I didn’t go on a long walk like I did the previous few times I hunted at Sentosa but since there are many new Pokemons, I did catch many Pokemons on the short walk. At the start of my walk, I caught a Wurmple.

Then I caught a Loudred.

Next Pokemon I caught was a Persian.

Then I caught a Zigzagoon.

I’ve caught quite a few Pokemons and I’m still at the start of my walk but there are three more Pokemons from that area. One of them is Aron.

Skitty was the next Pokemon I caught.

The last Pokemon caught from the area where I started my walk is Wailmer. Although I was at the upper level of the two level area, it’s still considered the same area because I was just directly above where I caught the previous Pokemons from the bottom level.

As I continued walking to an area not far from the two level area, I caught a Whismur.

Then I caught a Taillow.

Next I caught an Anorith.

The last Pokemon I caught that day was Castform.

As mentioned above, I only went for a short walk which was indeed very short. I wasn’t feeling the mood for a long walk that day but with so many new Pokemons added into the game, it was a productive hunt. I caught so many within a short distance.

After this first hunt of the year, I did go on a few more hunts at other places where I had longer walks so that means more PokemonGo Adventures posts are coming!

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