Park Hunt

As mentioned in my previous PokemonGo Adventures post, I planned to go for another productive hunt before the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event ended in the beginning of November. My plans did go on and I went to a park where I found out had a few new Pokemons and other Pokemons I need for candies to evolve.

I had a productive Pokemon hunting day at the end of last month when the Halloween event just started and I went to a library that day as mentioned in the same previous post. While I was at the library, I saw from the Nearby window about the Pokemons spawning at the park opposite. I didn’t go to the park that day, so I decided to go there for this other productive hunt that I had planned.

As mentioned before, the library is within walking distance from my house so I usually walk there and start hunting while on the way. Since the park is opposite the library, that means it’s also within walking distance from my house. So I walked there and started hunting while on the way as well.

Although I already had the game opened while on the way, I didn’t get to catch anything until I was at the park. Just as I stepped into the park, I caught a Shuckle.

Then I caught the Halloween Pikachu.

I thought there were lots to catch at the park but throughout my walk in the park, there was nothing else that’s new or any Pokemon I need. It was my first time at the park, so I was unfamiliar with the directions but following the signboards, I ended up opposite a housing block at an exit of the park where I caught a Houndoom.

I wanted to go to the KFC that’s opposite the park for lunch and have a break but it turned out to be closed because of renovations. I was already perspiring and panting from all the walking at the park to think of somewhere else to have my lunch and even walk there, so I went back to the park where there’s a McDonald’s very close to where I was.

Although I had finished eating, I stayed at McDonald’s for awhile more to recover from perspiring and panting before continuing to hunt more at the park. Just as I exited McDonald’s, an egg hatched.

A Larvitar hatched from the egg.

As I continued walking around the park, another egg hatched.

A female Nidoran hatched from the egg.

As I was clearing my Pokemon storage because it was full, I found out I had enough female Nidoran candies to evolve.

So of course I evolved it into a Nidorina and that marks the end of my productive hunt. I continued to have the game opened as I continued walking around the park, finding my way out of the park and while walking home but I didn’t catch anything new or get enough other Pokemons for candies to evolve.

I have a few other Pokemons that were very close to having enough candies to evolve. Throughout this month after the Halloween event, I’ve been occasionally playing but so far I haven’t manage to get enough candies for the few Pokemons that are close to evolving.

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