Evolving & Halloween Event

I recently returned to PokemonGo, slightly after mid October. So I was out that afternoon and as I was having lunch, I thought of playing PokemonGo and see if there’s any new Pokemon since I was at a place that I’ve never hunted before. That place turned out to be very lousy place, it was full of rattatas! Although I didn’t get to catch any new Pokemons, I did catch a few others that have been caught before for candies to evolve.

When I was back home that night, I looked through my catches and evolve a few that had enough candies to be evolved.

First was Poliwrath which I did a 2 step evolving process. I evolved a Poliwag into Poliwhirl then evolved the Poliwhirl into Poliwrath. All I’ve been catching were Poliwags so I only have 1 Poliwhirl which was the first one I caught and I didn’t want to evolve it.

The next Pokemon I evolved was Horsea into a Seadra.

The last Pokemon which had enough candies to be evolved was Ekans into Arbok.

As always, whenever I return to a game, I don’t just play it for a day. It will always be at least a few days before I stop again. So the next morning I caught a new Pokemon, Duskull, while I was having breakfast with mom at a coffeeshop opposite my block. This day was the start of the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event and together with this event, there were a few new Ghost type Pokemons added. Duskull is one of the few.

I took a break from playing the next day although I did go out. I did lots of shopping that day and was probably too busy hustling around getting the things needed to think about catching Pokemons. I continued my hunt for the few new Ghost Pokemons the following day when I was out with my mom. While waiting for her to buy our lunch, I caught a Shuppet. That was all I played that day because we were hustling around after lunch, busy shopping for more things.

The next day was the most productive Pokemon hunting day with lots of walking involved. I wanted to go to the library and since it’s within walking distance from my house, I decided to walk there and play PokemonGo while on the way. Halfway through my walk, an egg hatched.

In the egg was an Exeggcute.

Not many Pokemon spawned on the way but I did catch enough Gastly for candies to evolve it into a Haunter.

There’s a cafe at the library and I stayed there for around 2 hours to have my lunch, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and read. I did go into the game while I was there but no Pokemons spawned. I continued the hunt while walking to the mall at the vicinity where I needed to buy necessities and dinner. During that walk, I caught one of the few new Ghost Pokemons, Sableye.

I was very close to catching enough Duskulls and Shuppets for candies to evolve them. So although I had already reached the mall, I went pass the mall to a bus stop opposite where I saw had Shuppets from the Nearby window. My phone’s battery was getting low at that time, so I couldn’t hunt anymore. Although I didn’t hunt enough Duskulls, at least I had enough Shuppet candy.

I just mentioned that I didn’t hunt enough Duskull but luck was on my side, a Duskull spawned later in the night when I was back home and wanted to evolve the Shuppet. With that Duskull that I caught at home, I had enough candies to evolve it into Dusclops.

Of course I evolved the Shuppet into a Banette which was my purpose for going into the game that night.

I’ve not played since that day which has been a few days but I’m thinking of going for another productive hunt soon before the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event ends at the beginning of November.

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