August Adventures

After almost 2 months of not playing, I went back into the game at the end of August. I like going to a cafe at the mall nearest to my house for an afternoon coffee and sit there for about 2 hours sipping the coffee while reading a book. That day, I was doing these usual cafe things but somehow I didn’t felt the mood to read anymore after reading for awhile. I hadn’t finish my coffee so I couldn’t leave yet. I was thinking of what else to do after scrolling through all the social medias on my phone and that’s when PokemonGo came to my mind.

I just tried my luck to see if there’s anything new and there was nothing but I did catch other Pokemons that I’ve caught before to get candies to evolve such as this Chikorita with my coffee and book in the background.

I did reap something from catching Pokemons while sitting at the cafe because I caught enough Goldeen to evolve.

A Goldeen got evolved into a Seaking.

A few days later, I was back at the same mall where the cafe is located but this time I walked around the mall and it’s vicinity instead of sitting down at a spot.

At the mall’s vicinity, I caught a Chinchou.

After walking around the vicinity, I went back to the mall and caught an Onix.

On the Nearby window, I saw there was a new Pokemon at the train station which is linked to the mall and I went there. At the train station, I caught a Qwilfish.

I went back to that same mall again the next day and contemplated on playing since I had already went hunting the previous day. I ended up playing and even though I did hunt the previous day, there was still more new Pokemons.

Since it was raining the previous day, I couldn’t go to an area at the vicnity of the mall that wasn’t sheltered so I went there on this day and caught a Magcargo.

As I’ve already hunted at the sheltered areas the previous day, I only walked around the small unsheltered area and went back to the mall. That was where there’s still new Pokemon despite already hunted there the previous day. At the mall, I caught an Octillery.

Something I’ve learnt from this is although it’s the same place, there may be some different Pokemons spawning everyday.

The few days of walking and hunting made an egg hatched.

In that egg is an Ekans.

I’ve not played since the end of August but there will definitely be more PokemonGo Adventures coming up. As mentioned before, I always have the thought to play whenever I’m out. Sometimes I end up not playing but there will definitely be a few times that I will play!

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