June Adventures

After not playing for half a month in the beginning of June, I went back into the game in mid June when I was in Bangkok, Thailand. I always play when I’m overseas in hopes of getting new Pokemon since it’s once in a blue moon that I get to visit these places. With limited internet access since I don’t buy overseas data and only try to find free wifi everywhere I go, I can’t be hunting on the go. I still managed to catch a few new Pokemons despite this which happened at the cafe while I was having an afternoon coffee on one of the days.

It’s a coincidence that the Pokemons that spawned at that time were those I’ve not caught before so I caught 3 new ones in a row! First is Cyndaquil.

Second is Seel.

Last is Growlithe.

That was all I caught while in Bangkok, all at that cafe. I did go into the game at other places where I had wifi but there was nothing new.

The day after returning home from Bangkok, I went out in the evening to Sentosa for a walk and Pokemon hunting. It’s my second time hunting at Sentosa. Since my first time was months ago, so there were new Pokemons to catch with all the new updates.

Sentosa is infested with Voltorb which is still the same as the previous time I was there. Since there’s so much Voltorbs, I decided to catch it and hopefully get enough to evolve.

For the new Pokemons, I caught 5. First is Machop.

Second is Skiploom.

Third is Snubbull.

Followed by a Parasect.

The last one is a Mankey.

After about an hour of hunting, I stopped by a fast food restaurant for a break before walking back to where I started and while I was on the way back, an egg hatched.

In the egg is an Oddish.

My Voltorb catching continues into the night and while walking back.

I went to Sentosa with my mom and back at my starting point, I was waiting for her to have dinner together. While waiting, I checked if I’ve enough Voltorbs to evolve and I do have enough.

So there goes an Electrode into my Pokedex.

My adventures in June doesn’t end here. I was hunting a few days later when I was out with mom at a shopping mall but mostly were Pokemons I already have and I only caught 1 new Pokemon, Misdreavus.

Two days later I was out running errands at a mall and since it’s somewhere I don’t go often, I decided to hunt. Unfortunately, it was raining and I couldn’t go far but a Jynx spawned at the entrance of the mall I was at.

I could only walk a short distance away from the mall where there’s shelter and despite that, an egg hatched. That egg was most likely going to hatch already because I only walked a little bit!

A Paras hatched from that egg.

Within that short distance of walking, I caught an Aipom which marks the end of my hunt that day.

Although I always think of this game and think of Pokemon hunting whenever I’m out, I’ve not played since that day in end June which has been more than a month. So there will be more PokemonGo Adventures when I finally go back into the game!

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