March Adventures

After all the addiction from beginning to mid February in Bangkok and the new Pokemon update, I didn’t play till the beginning of March. The PokemonGo thought came into my mind one night and I was back into the game. I was playing at home that night and caught a new Pokemon, Ledian.

Two days later, it was a weekend and I went out with mom after work. We went for coffee and I caught a new Pokemon, Yanma, at the cafe.

The addiction came back and another two days later on my off day, I went for breakfast at the Mcdonald’s nearest to my house. I sat at Mcdonald’s for quite awhile and after that, I went Pokemon hunting around it’s vicinity. I caught a Pikachu although I’ve already caught before because this had the special party hat.

I did catch a new Pokemon, Doduo.

A few days later on a weekend, I went to a library cafe for coffee and reading after work. While I was there, I caught two new Pokemons. Ariados was one of them.

Scyther was the other new Pokemon I caught.

That day I caught enough to evolve two Pokemons. First was Geodude into Graveler.

The other Pokemon I caught enough to evolve was Pidgeotto which evolved to a Pidgeot.

Since that day in March, I didn’t play the game at all until a few days ago. So definitely there will be more PokemonGo Adventures coming!

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