Coffee & Hunting

The next day after the update with new Pokemons to hunt, I went out in the afternoon after work to continue hunting for more of the new Pokemons and along with that, have a cup of coffee.

Since I’m feeling worn out from work, I went for coffee first. While having my coffee, I read a book and went into the game ooccasionally to see if any of the new Pokemons were spawning at the cafe. During the hour spent at the cafe, I only managed to catch one Pokemon, Totodile.

After I’ve finished my coffee and was feeling ready to start walking around, I started my journey outside the cafe and walked a very long way to the mall where I took the bus home from the interchange. It’s a very long way that I purposely walked because the mall is just beside the building where the cafe is located.

At the start of my walk just outside the cafe, I caught a Marill.

After a few minutes of walking, I caught a Chikorita.

I decided to stop by the bookstore and after I got out to continue my journey, I caught a Remoraid.

Next I caught a Natu before reaching the the mall.

I shopped around inside the mall for awhile and caught two Pokemons, Hoppip and Corsola.

While I was hunting for new Pokemons, I did catch some other Pokemons that I’ve already caught for candies to evolve them. One of the Pokemon that I’ve caught enough to evolve is Sentret. That night after I got home, I went to evolve it into the Furret which marks the first new Pokemon I evolved!

The addiction of hunting new Pokemons didn’t end here! It continues the next two days as I go out for more hunting but more on that in my next Pokemon Adventures post!

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