Bangkok Adventures

I was on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, a few weeks ago in February and got back into the PokemonGo addiction. I had internet access only in my hotel room which provided free wifi, so I could only play the game there. I was wondering if there’s a chance I could catch new Pokemons overseas which are difficult to find my home country. In that area were mostly Rattatas but I did catch a new Pokemon, Porygon.

Throughout my four days there, I played on all four days whenever I’m in my hotel room since that’s the only game I have on my phone which was my only source of entertainment. In an area full of Rattatas, I decided to catch all of them until I have enough candy to evolve it into a Raticate and have a new Pokemon into my Pokedex.

I did catch another new Pokemon, Golbat, which I’ve seen before in my home country but didn’t manage to catch it.

Exeggcute is another Pokemon that kept spawning in that area although not as much as Rattatas. I caught all the Exeggcutes until I had enough candy for an Exeggutor.

The last Pokemon which was constantly spawning in my hotel area was Jigglypuff which I managed to catch enough to evolve it into a Wigglytuff.

From the thought of catching new Pokemons overseas, it became evolving for new Pokemons which made my addiction come back. I continued hunting and evolving Pokemons in my home country when I was back home after the vacation but more on that in my next PokemonGo Adventures post!

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